BW1354 Transfer Case


BW1354 Tag

BW1354 Tag

  • Weight: 98lbs (44kg)
  • Ratio: 2.48:1, chain driven
  • Shift to 4H up to 55mph (88km/h)
  • Electric and manual shift versions
  • Fluids: 2qt Mercon V ATF


  • The factory manual calls for Dextron III/Mercon or Mercon V ATF, NOT gear oil. Many owners have switched to full synthetic ATF fluids for their increased resistance to high temperatures.
  • 1350/1354 Doubler - creating a doubler involves removing the reduction gear from a 1350 and fixing it in front of a 1354 to create a deeper low range, and to allow for more axle drive options.

Part Numbers:

Note: Many "Genuine" Ford parts for this application are no longer in production. Aftermarket replacements are listed below. Parts supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer are marked with "OEM".

  • DORMAN 1354 Shift Motor: 600800
  • SKF 1354 Rebuild Kit: STCK1354
  • "OEM" 1354 Assembly: 7A195


  • Bronco II
  • Explorer, Sport
  • Navajo
  • Ranger
  • B-Series Pickup